岭湖学院 welcomes international applicants from around the world! Our international families are attracted to our rigorous college preparatory academic program that offers curriculum flexibility for first-year international students, 杰出的大学咨询, 建立国际支持体系. 岭湖学院 is located outside 克利夫兰, Ohio, on a large 93-acre campus. Our Midwest location makes it central to both the east 和 west coasts of the United States.

We value the diversity 和 perspective our international students bring to campus. We believe that international students enrich our community. Bringing together people from multiple cultures into one classroom can create a positive 和 productive learning experience for everyone in our community.

If you are interested in learning more about 岭湖学院, please complete an 调查形式 胜博发娱乐的招生办公室会联系你的. 你也可以 实际上访问 a few of our campus facilities including our newest building, 肯珀科学与工程, along with our Fine Arts building 和 Rob Hall gymnasium (select the green dots on the doors to enter a new building).


  • A+学校

    成立于1966年, 岭湖学院 is an exceptional independent school with an 8:1 student to teacher ratio. Our students acheive an average SAT score of 1320 和 a 95% AP exam passing rate. 查看胜博发娱乐的 学校简介.

  • 9-12年级国际项目

    We welcome students from all over the world to join our 高中国际项目.

  • 八年级国际项目

    International students entering 8th grade are welcome to join a 为期一年的计划 specifically designed to prepare them for attending high school in the US.

  • 大学规划

    Our Upper School international students are individually supported in the college search process. 胜博发娱乐的许多国际学生都被录取了 名校 在美国和国外. 访问胜博发娱乐的 大学咨询页面 for a full list of college acceptances for the Class of 2020.

International Student 应用程序 和 注册的过程


Two teacher recommendations 和 one must be your English teacher.

School records from the past two year (translated into English).

托福,托福小.,或ELTIS优先. 胜博发娱乐的托福代码是C662

Applicants must have a complete admission files before the interview can be arranged. 查看面试日程表 安排面试时间.


Accepted students must confirm enrollment by returning the signed contract with a non-refundable 存款 of 10%, 哪些将用于学费.

提交护照复印件和资金证明. (SEVIS法规要求这些表格). Confirm your address with the admissions office to have the student i20 sent via FedEx via email at (电子邮件保护).

Copies of your health records, including immunization records, must be sent to 这所学校. 请检查 必要免疫清单.

Student orientation will be held for all new international students before school starts. 更多细节将由招生办公室分享.


胜博发娱乐有四个 研究生证书课程 for students who are interested in studying a certain subject more indepth during high school.

  • 全球与国际研究项目
  • 工程与创新研究所
  • 科学研究所
  • 美术学院
  • 中文:黑人文学 & 非洲散居侨民, 文献的认同, 科幻与幻想, 荣誉戏剧文学, 尊重女性的文学, 古典文学的现代诠释

  • 美术:综合媒体, 基于时间的媒体设计, 三维建模基础, 为剧院即兴创作, 音乐剧车间, 导演

  • 数学:离散数学,多变量微积分

  • 科学:植物学, 生态, 解剖学和生理学, 生物仿生设计, Honors Introduction to Developmental Biology 和 Embryology, 动物行为, 天文学

  • Engineering: Introduction to Engineering: Electrical 和 Mechanical, 工程设计与制造 & 2、计算机辅助设计 & 2、计算机辅助加工

  • 社会研究:纳粹主义和大屠杀, 美联社宏观经济学, 美联社微观经济学, 全球政治荣誉, 荣誉比较Politcs, 的 Roots of a Global Religion: 的 History of Islam in the Middle East 和 the Maghreb, 油和水:能源, 资源, 和重塑现代世界, 艺术史:西方艺术概览 艺术史:现代概览 & 世界艺术, 西方音乐史:从古代到古典, History of Western Music: Classical to the 21st Century

  • Technology: Honors Computer Science, Honors Software Engineering 1 & 2、数字出版

  • 世界语言:AP和Post AP法语和西班牙语

申请以滚动方式接受. Students can be accepted 和 enrolled space permitting.

岭湖学院 offers ESL support for new international students who need the additional support

学校通常在八月中旬开学. We like new students to arrive in the area at least 5 days before school starts. 这样你就有时间搬进新家了, 调整到新的时区, 以及参加新生培训

是的,胜博发娱乐接受年中申请人. 胜博发娱乐的第二学期通常在一月初开始.

Students can obtain insurance from either their agency or 这所学校. Please consult the admissons office for more details.

岭湖学院 will send you an I20 with other enrollment materials after we receive the signed contract, 存款, 护照的副本, 以及资金证明文件. Please confirm with the Admissons Office the address you want to be used when we send these documents to you.


岭湖学院 is located in North Ridgeville, Ohio, a suburban town about 25 miles from 克利夫兰 15英里外 霍普金斯国际机场. Our Midwest location makes our school central to both the east 和 west coasts of the United States 和 the border of Canada. Northeast Ohio offers a wide range of activities including some of the top cultural institutions 和 health care organizations in the United States, 还有大联盟的运动队, 并能快速进入伊利湖等自然宝藏.

克利夫兰 is home to a number of colleges 和 universities. 其中最突出的是 凯斯西储大学, a world-renowned research 和 teaching institution 和 top ranked by the U.S. 新闻与世界报道.

克利夫兰也有一个 最大的图书馆 in the United States with a collection of over 10 million items 和 40 locations. 的 美国宇航局格伦研究中心 也位于附近.

克利夫兰维景国际 is an extensive system of parks, 徒步旅行路线s, golf courses, 和 even a nationally acclaimed zoo. Students have the ability to enjoy city life 和 be in a beautiful park, 徒步旅行路线, 或者在瀑布旁边.

在俄亥俄州东北部,冬天意味着下雪! 从滑冰到 滑雪, enjoying winter activities is part of the experience!


Meet the Assistant Director of 入学s, 国际招生